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Importance of rest after exercise

A quick post about over training. As of late through work or socialising I’ve come across many people who are clearly over training. Over training is not good for the body and can lead to slower fitness results and possible injury - The body needs to rest, especially after exercise. In simple terms when we exercise we put our bodies under a lot of stress. Our bodies tell us this by sending signals such as tiredness, fatigue and pain. The aches and pains we get the following day after exercise are caused by very small tears in the muscles which happen during training when we push ourselves hard enough, it is also known as DOMS( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). During this time the body needs to rest so the muscles can adapt and repair themselves so they become stronger, but for this to happen we must rest and give the body time to heal and recover - the pain is a signal telling our bodies to rest. If we ignore this we could cause more harm than good in the form of injuries or illness through over training. If you must train 5 plus days a week then consider split training. Train different muscle groups each day e.g Monday Legs, Tuesday Chest and Triceps, Wednesday Back and Biceps, Thursday Cardio, Friday Shoulders etc. This way the previous muscles groups we have trained get the maximum rest while we train other areas, this also means we can train each muscle group more intensely for maximum results. So train smart and make sure you rest!

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