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Get fit for free in the great outdoors

Summer has arrived at last which means more time for us to train outdoors and get super fit without the need to use the gym. With a little imagination you can have just as an effective workout exercising outdoors just by looking at the environment around you and then using it to your advantage. No need for all these funky looking gym machines when training outdoors, you also get to breathe fresh air, get a free sun tan (if the sun's out) and there's no gym fees so it won't cost you a penny which a bonus.

Once you get your trainers on make sure you have a 5-10 minute warm up and then head out to a destination such as a local park where, if you look hard enough you will find various objects which can be used to your advantage for performing exercise. This is also part of the fun, exploring your local area, you never know what your going to find.

After the warm up, the next part of your outdoor workout - depending on your current fitness levels will be either brisk walking, jogging or running to your destination of choice, then the exploring of your local area begins.

Iv'e listed below some of the things I have found in my local area which I use to my advantage to get a good and varied workout. Using these objects helps me to improve my cardiovascular fitness, upper body strength, lower body strength and balance.

Benches - These can be used for a full body workout by performing exercises such as step ups, box jumps, incline and decline press ups, tricep dips, abdominal exercises, the list goes on. Make sure there's no one sitting on the said bench before you start performing somersaults, handstands, press ups and box jumps all over it!

Railings - Again depending on the height of railing you can perform press ups, inverted rows, pull ups and even a bit of balance work if your brave enough.

Steps - Great for running up, jumping and lunging onto. Also good for lots of other funky stuff such as plank walking and press up variants due to their various levels and heights.

Hills - Don't forget or avoid these as they are great for improving your cardiovascular workouts. Start by walking, Jogging or sprinting up them and I guarantee after doing it for long enough it will boost you cardiovascular fitness and help you to run longer distances without running out of gas.

Fallen logs - If you find yourself in woodland you will come across these a lot, I like to use them for jumping exercise to help improve cardiovascular fitness, plyometric power and agility.

Any flat area - Whilst training outdoors you can also just drop down in a flat area and do your usual exercises that you may perform at home or in the gym, push ups, planks, burpees, squat jumps. You can perform any exercises using your own body weight, just use your imagination.

These are just a few examples that make my outdoor workouts more fun and varied by using the environment around me. I'm sure you'll come across many weird and wonderful objects on your travels. I hope this short blog article gives you a few ideas to get you started and always make sure you train safely, keep your training areas tidy and respect the environment around you as others have to use it to.

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