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3 Exercises to help improve coordination, lower limb control, strength and balance

The following exercises can be performed for around 5 to 10 mins each day and up to 3 times a day until you start to show some improvement in lower limb strength and control, balance and coordination.

If you find yourself losing balance very easily then only perform the exercises with the use of a hand rail or chair to hold onto. Always exercise safely!


Figure 8 walking exercise

figure 8 walk exercise cone setup

The first and easiest exercise you will begin by setting up the cones in a straight line with large enough gaps between them to allow yourself to walk around each cone in a figure of 8 pattern.

This exercise aims to help to improve your coordination and confidence in moving around obstacles which you may encounter during daily activities. For example simple crowd control when avoiding other people as you walk in a busy street.

Watch the video below to see how the exercise is performed.


Clock toe tap exercise

The second exercise is an intermediate exercise to help with balance, coordination and lower limb control. For this exercise set up around 6 to 8 cones in a circle like a clock face and stand in the middle of them with you feet together.

clock toe tap balance exercise cone setup

Start the exercise by lifting your left foot off the floor and then reach forward to tap your toe on the cone in front of you, then move your foot back to the start position. Continue with your left foot tapping each cone to the left of you one by one until you reach the final cone behind you. Repeat the exercise with your right foot by tapping the cones to your right side until you reach the cone behind you.

Watch the video below to see how the exercise is performed.


Half clock reach exercise

For the final and most challenging exercise, set up around 5 cones in a semi circle in front of you and stand between the first and last cone with your feet together.

Next move one foot behind you with just your toes touching the floor. Now begin the exercise by bending at the knee whilst at the same time reaching out to touch the cone farthest to the left of you and then move back to the start position. Continue by moving from left to right touching each cone in a clockwise direction until you reach the cone furthest to your right.

Repeat the exercise by swapping your foot positioning around and then move in an anticlockwise direction from right to left again reaching out and touching each cone consecutively. This exercise can be made more challenging by removing your trailing toe from the ground and balancing on one leg whilst performing the clock reaches. The exercise will help to improve lower limb control, strength and balance.

Watch the video below to see how the exercise is performed.

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