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Exercise with friends for motivavtion

Exercise can be difficult to do at the best of times. The hardest part being getting yourself out of bed or away from what you were doing to actually start your exercise routine. Some people find this easy and are happy to get on with exercising by themselves but for others this is another barrier preventing them from starting exercise.

One of the best exercise motivators is to exercise with a friend or in a group scenario. Exercising with friends has many advantages and benefits and makes the whole experience a lot more social and fun which in turn makes it feel less like exercise and less stressful.

If you have a friend or group of people you can rely on you can help each other in many ways such as having a friend remind you or give you a wake up call in the morning before you start your exercise routine.

Exercising with a partner can make your workout more fun and varied, you can also motivate and push each other beyond your usual comfort zone.

Exercising with others means you can challenge each other and add competitiveness to your workouts. You can set each other goals, push and encourage each other to help you progress your workouts to the next level.

There are also lots of exercises which you and a partner or group can perform together which you wouldn't be able to do if you were exercising alone. This gives you more options and your less likely to get the board of the same old exercise routines day in and day out.

Group exercise is also a great social event for people. It encourages them to get together and exercise and its also a chance for the group to catch up with the latest gossip!

So if your struggling to get started with exercise, try getting a friend involved or join an exercise class to make it more social and enjoyable, you'll also meet new people and eventually reach those exercise goals you've always aimed for.

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