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Home exercise plans to do at home during lockdown

As you all know the nation is currently in the midst of a pandemic.

This means we are being told to stay at home a lot more which means the knock on effect of this for most of us is we are moving a lot less and burning less calories due to being told to work from home and stay indoors. This lack of physical inactivity is causing us to gain more weight, increse the risk of numerous underlying physical health conditions alongside mental health condtions. I myself have suffered from mental health issues in the past and to counteract that I made a point of getting into a routine of getting outdoors for a run or walk each day.

This for me worked wonders and after a few months I was feeling happier, being more productive and also feeling alot healthier in body and mind.

My best advice during this pandemic if you are able to is to do the same - Get into a routine of getting outside in the fresh air and walk, run or what ever you need to do to help clear your mind and get some exercise.

I know for some of us this may not be possible for what ever reason, so to combat this the next best thing is to exercise at home which I have also been doing for many years. You can still get a good workout at home so no execuses.

If you dont have weights to use for strength building exercise then you can you use tinned food or some kind of heavy objects you have lying around the house or get yourself a set of resistance bands from amazon or ebay which are quite cheap for a small set.

Exercises can also be performed using your own bodyweight!

Instead of goiong outside you can jog on the spot!

One barrier to exercise is people being unsure of what exercises to do so as I design alot of workouts on a weekly basis for clients and classes I have posted some PDF documents below with some simple strength based workouts for you to download, print or share with your freinds. There is an easier upper and lower body workout and a slightly more advanced version which you could progress onto if you are new to these exercises.

These workouts can be completed with weights/tins or resistance bands and each document contains a black and white copy for printing and colour photos for your reference. There are also descriptions on how to perform the exercises alongside the number of repetions you should be performning etc.

So , download and enjoy! Documents are below.

Damian :)

Easy Lower body mobility exercises
Download PDF • 477KB

Easy Upper body mobility exercises
Download PDF • 564KB

Lower Body strength workout 1
Download PDF • 369KB

Upper Body Strength Workout 1
Download PDF • 402KB

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