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Exercise Classes Tunbridge Wells

Current classes, days and times are shown below.

Skinners School Exercise Sessions

These are small group circuit-based exercise sessions incorporating Calisthenics, Strength and Cardiovascular exercises using various equipment such as weights, Kettle bells, Battle ropes and boxing drills. Sessions are varied each week with monthly fitness testing(optional) to track your progress.

The sessions run on Tuesday evenings 7.15pm - 8.15pm at Skinners School on St Johns Road(Tn49pg).


Bands and Bodyweight Class in park - Full body workout using exercise bands and bodyweight only. 

This class is suitable for all abilities and is a total body upper and lower body workout. The class is held in the basketball court area at the top of the hill in Calverly Grounds. Bring your own band along.

This class is held on Thursday mornings 10am at Calverly Grounds in Tunbridge Wells.

Cost per class £9

Camden Centre - Albert Suite - Tunbridge Wells

Total body workout usuing bodyweight, bands and weights. All Abilities welcome and seated exercise adaptions provided if needed. Tuesdays at 10am - £10 per session

BOXFIT Tunbridge Wells - Boxing drills and bodyweight exercises. This class is held at St Johns park, Beltring road, Tunbridge Wells. 10am on Saturdays - £9 per session . Contact me for bookings as I have limited gloves and pads available. Feel free to bring your own set along if available.

Contact me if you would like to book a space in one of the exercise classes so I have an idea of numbers and can ensure there is a space available for you.

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