Exercise Classes Tunbridge Wells



Current classes, days and times are shown below.

Zoom online Fitness class  - A Strength and Conditioning Exercise class for all abilities . This exercise class is an intermediate level class for all abilities and ages. The class is a combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises aimed at those of you who are looking to improve their muscular strength, conditioning and general well being. Use your own weights, bands or tinned food!

This class is held online on Tuesday mornings from 9.15 to 10.15am via the Zoom app or Whatsapp video chat. 

cost per class £8 drop in or £30 pcm(use it or loose it) If you can't make the online class for any reason I'll send out a link to the recorded session.


Bands and Bodyweight Class in park - Full body workout using exercise bands and bodyweight only. 

This class is suitable for all abilities and is a total body upper and lower body workout. The class is held in the basketball court area at the top of the hill in Calverly Grounds. Bring your own band along.

This class is held on Thursday mornings 10am - 11am at Calverly Grounds in Tunbridge Wells.


Cost per class £8 


Strength and Mobility in the park - Walk around the park and exercise using bands. This is a lower intensity exercise class aimed at those who are looking to improve their Strength & Mobility . The class is currently held at Calverley Grounds in Tunbridge Wells and involves walking around the park and performing strength exercises using resistance bands. Bring yor own exercise band or I have them available for £2 a length. 

This class is held on Thursday afternoons from 12pm to 1pm at Calverley Grounds in Tunbridge Wells.

cost per class £8        

Contact me if you would like to book a space in one of the exercise classes so I have an idea of numbers and can ensure there is a space available for you.