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What People Are Saying

Whether it's losing weight, training for an event or recovering from an injury, it always feels good to see a happy Personal training client reach or even surpass there fitness goals. It's also great for me to hear good feedback straight from the horses mouth - so check out some of my testimonials below from previous clients who have trained with me. 

“ There is no doubt that the training sessions I have had with Damian so far have improved my stamina, mobility and muscle tone, while helping me reduce weight. It’s been quite hard work - but well worth it. “

David Evans

“ I Have trained with Damian for some time now and he has helped me to stay focused and motivated to keep this up even with my erratic working hours. Iv’e managed to keep my weight off and the sessions have been a lot of fun…good trainer, would recommend. “

Emma Saunders

“ I trained with Damian whilst starting my health kick just after the summer 2012. The sessions were tough but he kept them varied and built them up slowly until my fitness levels increased to progress that step further. I plan on starting more sessions in April…bring it on! “

Lucy Rendle

“ I started training with Damian to try and get back into shape after having my first baby…Now the second has arrived I hope to start training again as soon as I can find the time. Some tough but fun sessions. “

Clare Reynolds

“ I started Personal Training sessions initially to get into shape for my wedding. It's fair to say I was a reluctant exerciser but Damian made it fun. My wedding has been and gone, I was in great shape on the day and i am carrying on with the sessions because I am now a true fitness enthusiast and that is down entirely to Damian. His encouragement and advice has turned me back on to exercise. “

Alex Riley

 “ I started training sessions with Damian when I was told by my GP I had to loose weight before having Gastric sleeve surgery surgery. Being a wheelchair user this was a challenge for me but Damian guided and helped me to loose the extra weight before my operation. The  operation was a success and I have continued to train with Damian after surgery and have managed to loose over 4 stone to date. Damian has been very patient and and a great help to me during these times I will continue to use him as my trainer in the future. I can’t thank him enough. “

Helen Kevan

 “ I'm really feeling the benefit of the exercise sessions already, more toned, more energy, bit more motivation and I'm looking forward to the next one.“


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