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5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer Park Run Tunbridge Wells

Hi all , last Saturday I had a fantastic morning at my first Park Run event in Royal Tunbridge Wells. I attended the event alongside around 300 other Park runners of all ages and abilities . It was my first Park run so I didn't know what to expect but it exceeded my expectations. The best thing about the event was there was no sense of pressure or competition to complete the 5k distance within a certain time, you were free to complete as much of the course you wanted by walking, jogging or running at your own pace. There was also a great sense of camaraderie and friendliness towards each other during the whole event and it was very well organised .

I attend the event that morning to support a new incentive called 5K YOUR WAY - MOVE AGAINST CANCER. This is a community based event to encourage those living with or beyond cancer alongside there family members, friends and people who work within cancer services to attend the park run and encourage each other to walk, jog or run the course. The event not only helps to increase physical fitness levels but as I found out myself it is also a great way to socialise, boost endorphins and improve your mental well being within a sea of friendly faces during and after the event.

I was also there to support a local group in Tunbridge Wells - The Pickering Cancer Drop in Centre which I volunteer at once a week to get people back into gentle exercise. The centre run by a lovely lady called Polly has many volunteers offering free complementary therapies, advice and counselling for anyone touched by cancer.

There were a large group of us there to support the event and we also had the pleasure of having Dame Kelly Holmes who gave up her time to support the cause and start the event off.

Everyone in our group had a great time and managed to complete whatever they could of the course in there own time. Myself and a few others completed the course in just under an hour by walking, jogging and wading through the muddier parts of the course which only added to the fun of the event. It was a great event both physically and mentally and for a great cause, it also left me with the Park run bug so I will definitely be attending again in the near future, cant recommend it enough.

The 5k your way move against cancer event is held held at Parkrun on the last Saturday of every month.

Iv'e left some links below if anyone requires anymore more information about joining or volunteering at the event or the Pickering cancer drop in centre in Tunbridge Wells.

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