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Five Benefits Of Outdoor Group Exercise

It's been a while since my last blog post as I've been busy trying to get the bussiness back up and running due to the pandemic. Now things are getting back to normal its time to get myself into gear and start posting. During the pandemic I was doing a lot of online classes and outdoor sessions which are the subject of my next short blog post - Five Benefits of Outdoor Group Exercise.

1 - Fresh cleaner air - You cant beat fresh air whether your in the sun soaking up some vitamin D or breathing out clouds on a frosty morning and considering the current climate, if your looking to avoid bugs and germs then your better off outdoors than inside so those pesky germs can blow off else where.

2 - Boost mental wellbeing - They don't call it the great outdoors for nothing. Everyone to there own but I think exercising outdoors amongst nature is a great way to boost those natural endorphins, lift mood and get your brain buzzing for the day.

3 - Burn more calories - You'll burn more calories outdoors whilst exercising due to the hot and cold climates and contstantly changing terrain which is always an added bonus. Everyone loves a hill, no?

4 - Easily Accessed - Whether in a group or going solo all you have to do is step outside of your front door, put one foot in front of the other and your exercising. With access to parks, forests or even your garden at home theres always a space to be found to exercise -You cant get any easier than that.

5 - Forge new freindships - Exercise outdoors can be great solo but even better with a group of freinds. Walking...talking...just make sure you get the exercise done and dont sit around chatting and drinking coffee all day.

Joining a group exercise class can also be a great way to meet new people and forge new freindships.

There's a couple of clips below of one of my outdoor exercise classes held in Calverley Grounds, Tunbridge Wells on Thursday mornings. Contact me if you would like to come along or would like more information about the class, the more the merrier!

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